Sell Automatic R. O. Water Purifying Machine

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1000H-1 Automatic R. O. Water Purifying Machine with Multilevel Pump .


Automatic or manual RO velum washing
Manual RO velum cleaning
As for pure water, the machine stops at high water level and turns on at low water level automatically
Uses multilevel pump to prevent lack of water
All kinds of protection: no power, poor power, excess current, creepage protection and so on


Capacity of making pure water: 1000 liters/hour at 25 degrees Celsius
Input power: 5.25KW
Power supply: 380VAC 13A 50Hz
RO membranes: 6 pcs ESPA4040 (2 grades)
Multilevel pump: one pc CDL4-160 (3.0KW) , one pc CDL2-150 (1.5KW)
Beforehand filter: 500 x 1200 x 1.5 (dia. ) (2 pcs)
PP sediment membranes filter: 90 x 1000 (dia. ) (5 pcs)
Booster pump: one pc BLC70 (0.75KW)
Active carbon filter: 125kg
Quartz sand filter: 250kg
Measurement: 3300 x 700 x 1970mm