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Sliding door: Multi-function for your choose, German drive unit and self-lubricating nylon guide ensures low noise operating, safety precaution.

This type of door is special for terminal 3 of China capital airport.

1. Multi-functional: Manual full open, Automatic full open, Automatic partial open, One-way in/out and door in lock position. 37 data presets you could adjust, such as the speed of door opening, the speed of door closing, the width of half-opening and door opening time setting.

2. Low noise operating system: The drive unit(import from Germany) applies the special lubricating feature and special decelerate gear mechanism. KBB invent the special fibrous nylon guide way profile and self-lubricative nylon carriage wheels, which could further lessen the operating noise.

3. Safety precautions:

If the operating sliding door hit barrier, the reverse sliding systems will start-up automatically.

Choosing the safety beam(photocell) system could make the door to operate more safety.

Choosing the (KBB) UPS advanced battery system could ensure the door to operate continuously for 30 minutes under power failure conditions.

Choosing the durable electro-mechanical lock system could ensure the door to be locked more safely.

4. Everlasting design:

Tested up to 3,000,000 times on non-failure test.

The high/low temperature test (100kg) : at 70 degree keep operating for 3 days, and at -25 degree auto start-up.

5. Multi-Activation Device function:

Radar sensor: Using infrared sensor or microwave sensor.

Password access: Using advanced password identify system.

ID card: Using IC card, radio-frequency card and radio-frequency password card.

Manually control: Using hand switch, foot switch and long distance control.
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