Sell Automatic Solvent and Water Base OPP Film Laminating Machine

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This machine is a new product which combines the characteristics of single solvent-base machine and water-base machine. It can not only use water-based glue which is good for protecting environment to achieve high speed production, but also use economical solvent-based glue to save production cost. The drying way is achieved by hot air to decrease film shrinkage. The whole machine is centralized control, speed adjustment by motor continuous action, complete safety device.
Standard equipments:
Automatic stream feeder
Max. pile height:1050mm.
Double sheet detector.
Emergency stop device.
Overrun safety device at feeder pile.
Oil-free vacuum system.
Ating lamina unit
Proportionally drying system. Gear and chain drying for lamination; Easy for ergonomic operation.
A versatile and delicate design with vertical drying unit.
Hardened counter pressure cylinder coated with special synthetic rubber.
Hardened and chromed lamination cylinder with 9 heating rods with thermostat control for optical operation temperature.
Highly efficient excellent hydraulic system to maintain stable lamination pressure.
Drying unit
Air knife with hot air drying system, power: 60kw. The hot air drying system can be turned off when doing solvent base laminating to save cost.
Temperature 50~900C which can be adjusted and keep constant temperature automatically and save energy.
The inside of drying oven with powerful heat insulation.
Separator & Winding unit
Independent speed control rotary blades separator head for easier adjustment of speeding movement with friction roller.
Electric mechanic driving system. Auto adjustment with lamination.
Substrate with rewinding unit, robust construction and space saving.
Coating unit
Consist of high precision chromed roller and metering roller to ensure evenness of adhesive and durability.
Friction-type brake is equipped with the unwinding axis to maintain constant tension to control quantity of adhesive and durability.
Two rollers design. Continuous circulation of adhesive with submersible pump to maintain constant viscosity.
Automatic delivery unit
Chain type suspending loading sheet table.
Safety detecting device.
Sheet counter.
Safe position limit device for ascending and falling of delivery table.
Sheet flatting device.
Optional Equipments:
Non-stop pre-loading pile feeder
Semi-auto loading pile.
Pre-loading pile, Max. Height:900mm.
Paper loading with cart.
Non-stop delivery stacker
Auto delivery.
Systematic delivery.
Technical Parameters:
Model 126(Water & solvent base)
Max. Sheet 790W1200mm
Min. Sheet 310W406mm
Effective Sheet 1200mm
Sheet Thickness 100~600gsm
OPP film thickness 12~255
Laminating speed 7~40m/min
Power 114.5kw
Dimension L9085WW2400WH3500mm
Machine weight 7000kgs
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