Sell Automatic Toilet Flusher (LP-801ADC)

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Two-Step Cascaded Auto Flush Water-Saving Sensor
. Automatically Guided by Infrared Sensor, Hand-free Operation
. Controlled by Microprocessor, No Waste of Water Resources
. 100% No-Touch. Convenient and Sanitary
. Streamlined, Esthetic Designs Create Elegant, Beautiful Toilet Environment
. Automatic Detection and Discretion of Urination or Excretion.

E Flush is equipped with Infrared sensor, coupled with microprocessor-controlled, two-step flush to afford multiple functions of full automation, water-conserving, sanitation. Represents a symbol of high technology-driven modernization, and creates an elegant, beautiful toilet environment. E Flush not only can be installed in places requiring high sanitary standards such as hospitals, restaurants and hotels, but also can be accommodated nicely in office buidings, schools, commercial outlets and household. The system is compatible to all kinds of toilets (with water tank) and its installation is easy.