Sell Automatic Water Base OPP Film Laminating Machine

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This machine uses environmentally good water base glue different from that of impregnate glue. The machine needs heat to help dry the glue quickly and then after hot-pressing and melting, the film and sheet get laminated with flatness and good gloss. It has ratio continuous running system in each part. And high speed inverter principle, worm wheel deceleration, gear wheel, synch-belt and chain transmission of each lamination roller to guarantee the same speed, suitable for one-operator operation, and emergency stop device at every part can guarantee operators safety.
Standard equipments:
1. Automatic stream feeder:
Simple structure suction head having reliable and rotary air valve control for convenient removal.
Scientific design of suckers and governing foot cam wheel can guarantee precise work and durable running.
Sheet-forwarding suckers adopt high security straight-line guide rail.
Sensitive mechanical and electrical double sheet detector will detect multi-sheet, no sheet or inclined sheet automatically.
Max. loading height:1050mm, with emergency stop and protection board against foreign objects.
2. Gluingn and laminating unit:
Main machine composed of coating unit, curing system and laminating machine, vertical arrangement making machine body close and light.
Coating unit with high precision separately driven and speed can be adjusted to be suitable for different glues.
Laminating roller can be automatic temperature control electro-thermal and oil heating, laminating pressure controlled by hydraulically controlled and adjusted (Japan make) with even pressure on the left and right sides.
Before OPP film entering laminating part, it should enter open shaft to avoid film looseness, wrinkle and inclination.
Glue recycling device avoids glue waste.
Up-and-Down oil plate, light and convenient.
When having abnormal sheet-in, OPP film will back out automatically.
3. Water-base curing device:
Curing device uses vertical and short distance curing box to make OPP Film Laminating Machine goes stably and not to incline.
Automatic temperature control in curing system to make full use of heat.
I. R. hot air curing system, even heat, extensive distribution and quick drying.
4. Automatic cutter:
Round and rotary cutter whose speed can be micro adjusted.
The speed of electronic system automatic adjustment cutter will be the same with main machine.
There is a sheet rolling mechanism to roll the sheet continuously and separately in the cutter without the need to have extra space.
Manual delivery table.
Pneumatic sheet pulling roller automatic up-and down(optional) .
5. Auto control:
Sate and dependable motor speed adjustment by inverter.
PLC control provides easy operation and easy maintenance.
Optional Equipments:
Auto delivery unit:
Auto hanging board delivery unit has thin paper-in device and photocell side patting board. Hanging board sensor goes down automatically.
Mechanical and electrical double sides trimmer and strong sheet flattening and balancing mechanism can avoid the inertial running distance of thick sheets to guarantee the smooth and neat delivery.
Non-stop mechanism for feeder and delivery:
Semi auto auxiliary table for sheet feeding to pre-pile out of feeder, hight:1100mm, to be pushed in by a dolly.
When the delivery auxiliary table starts, the main machine decrease automatically to improve production efficiency.
Technical Parameters:
Model 126 (Water Base)
Max. sheet 790W1200mm
Min. sheet 310W406mm
Effective sheet 1200mm
Sheet thickness 100-600gsm
OPP film thickness 15-25u
Power 108.6kw
Laminating speed 7-35m/min
Dimension (mm) L7850WW2640WH2750
Machine weight 10748kgs