Sell Automatic Wet Tissue Packaging Machine

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One. Main Technical Parameter:
1. Designed Production Speed: 100m/min
2. Production Speed: 90m/min
3. Power: 380V, 50Hz
4. Machine Capacity: 130Kw(excluding power of glue applicators) (set temporarily)
5. Wasted Products Rate: <=3% (exclude the circumstances when glue applicator breaks down or exchange material)
6. Overall Size (Exclude crusher, stacker) ( L X W X H m) : 19m X 1.6m X 3.1m (set temporarily)
7. Products Specification(LXW) : There are L, M, S, XL size.
Two. Basic Assembling Unit:
1. Slip type crusher can take untreated pulp, semi-treated pulp and treated pulp, with long-distance button to adjust wood pulp supplying amount.
2. Cotton core is formed in one lane net wheel, cotton core consists of two tissue paper with one ply wood pulp in the center.
3. SAP and wood pulp are mixed with SAP spraying amount can be adjusted by long-distance button.
4. Embossment is conducted on cotton core with embossing pattern normally in net square type. Moreover, embossment shape can be produced as per clients request.
5. It is lining with guide-flow N. W. fabric unit.
6. Cotton core is cut off by cutter.
7. With protection-leakage unit in heated pressing style.
8. With elastic waistline unit.
9. With left and right waist tape adding unit to adjust the gap to incorporate with the different widths of L, M, S of products.
10. With frontal tape unit.
11. Machine is with elastic rubber band unwinding unit, among them, three PCS of elastic bands are equipped in two sides of cotton core, while two PCS of elastic bands are equipped in two sides of protection-leakage.
12. Products are with arc-cutter.
13. Products are vertically folded, cut and molded after compressing.
14. Products are horizontally three folded or two folded.
15. Products are output in alignment.
16. Main shaft unit
Three. Electric Assemble Part and Other
1. Bearings are of domestic famous brand.
2. Flat belt is of domestic brand flat belt.
3. Synchronous belt is of domestic brand. (Ningbo)
Five. Accessory Machine (Prepaid by customers themselves)
1. H. M. applicator (glue machine)
2. Air-compressor
3. Stacker (packaging machine) (Remark: some clients prefer manual packaging)
Six. Spare parts with machine
1. Arc-cutter one more set for each specification
2. Flat cutter one set
3. Other breakable parts several PCS
4. Operation manual
Seven. After-sales service
1. One year guarantee, service for ever
2. Offer spare parts at favorable price
Eight. Other attention notes
1. Contract is invalid until receiving prepayment from buyer.
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