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PX-SJJ-Z120 Automabic Wet Towel Packing Machine

Equipment Function & Character:

1. It can produce wet towel with air-laid paper, non-woven fabric and the packaging is round-sealed.
2. As per requirement, it can produce single package or independent package of 1-3PCS.
3. It can be equipped with programmable controller with high automation. Auto fold, cut, count and seal after feeding material.
4. It can be equipped with differential device, relative adjustment can be conducted without stopping machine.
5. Rewinding and molding of products are of step-less speed controller with stable tension and trim molding.
6. Driving is mainly regulated by frequency converter, with high driving accuracy of synchronous belt.
7. Key components parts are of specific material and under anti-rust treatment, the bearing, electric components and synchronous belt are domestic famous brands.

Main Technical Parameter:

1. Unfolded size of products: L150~200mm(adjustable) W 150~160mm(adjustable)
2. Outer packing size: L100~150mm(adjustable) W 60~70mm(adjustable)
3. Production speed: 80~130 PCS/min
4. Machine power: 7.0kw (380v 50Hz)
5. Overall size of equipment (L x W x H m) : 4.1 x1.3 x 1.9
6. Weight of equipment: about 2.0t