Sell Automatic far infrared dryer (the latest design)

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Our latest automatic self-propelling dryer, developed in-house, adopts a photoelectric switch control system, which can be adjusted to meet the production needs of users. Where the machine has to pause for a few seconds at each printing position, this can be programmed by the user, making the device especially applicable for heating-set ink. When treating special cloth material, our dryer automatically pauses for 2 to 3 seconds at the end of each run before reversing its direction, which protects the motor. Dryers produced by some manufacturers begin to reverse immediately, which shortens motor service life by 200% or more. Our products provide manufacturers with peace of mind. Supposing there is something obstructing the carriage or there has been a power outage and the operator has forgotten to switch off the machine before the power supply resumed. With this machine there is no need to fear, by simply activating the protection switch on the machine, an alarm will sound and the power supply automatically disconnect after 5 seconds. This prevents heat damage to the garment, and even more importantly to the machine itself. When drying heating-set ink, the machine can be set to pause for a few seconds as needed at each print position. The latest design of dryer can dry heating-set ink in 3 to 5 seconds. The operator does not require specialist assistance.