Sell Automatic lifts (Automatis elevators) with conveyors

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Automatic lift

Beside our standard service lifts we also offer semi-automatic or automatic Tote-Box-Systems.

The basic system and components are similar to the per-assembled construction of our service lifts. The automatic lift includes vertical bi-painting doors with 24 V motor, to open and close the door automatically, independent of the cabin doors. In the car a driven belt device will draw into and eject from the cabin the tote boxes. In front of each landing is a load- and unload- roller conveyor to carry 2 or 3 boxes and code lines at each box for easy pre-setting.

self supporting and free standing steel structure made of cold rolled galvanised profiles, pre-mounted in 2 m - sections with trunking and t-guides

Car (Cabin)
made of folded galvanised steel sheets, guided on both sides with adjustable guide shoes. Motorized belt driven insert in the car.

Landing doors
Vertical bi-parting doors, made of galvanised steel, in accordance to DIN 18092 with approved door locks. Each landing door has it`s own 24 Volt motor to open and close the door automatically. Fire-resistance up to 2 h upon request.

with solid steel-frames and infill of iron blocks 50 x 50 mm, adjustable guide shoes.

Lift machine (made in Germany) on top of the shaft, with hardened twin groove sheave, speed 0,40 m sec. The machine is mounted on steel beams, having a high quality reduction gear, magnetic disc brake and hand wheel, protection class IP 54, power supply 400 V 50 Hz, three phase. Speed 0,8 - 1 m sec or frequency control upon request.

High security through transformer and 24 volt system, pluggable and pre-wired. SPS (computer programmable) control system compressed equipment in a lockable controller box. Each project will be prepared to the clients requirements.

Each landing door has its own 24 Volt motor to open and close the door automatically independent of the cabin door. In the car a driven belt device will draw into and eject from the cabin our standard tote boxes.
In front of each landing is a load and unload roller conveyor to carry 2 resp. 3 boxes.
There are photocells in the lift car to read the destination of the box. Our standard tote box is made of heavy duty polypropylene for smooth running, size 400 x 600 x 300 mm. Each box has a slider to set the festinated floor marking easily. The roller conveyors have PVC-rollers. The frame work is made of folded galvanised steel profiles in "office design". The photocells and switches are well protected in the frames.

Operation mode
Set the slider at the box for the designated floor and put the box on the upper roller conveyor. This conveyor has an automatic device to keep the first box away from the landing door and also to keep the second box away from the first. The computer will notify that there is a box waiting and will send the car to pick it up. The door opens automatically after arrival and the belt will draw the box into the car. Photocells read the destination. Door closes automatically and car delivers the box to the floor indicated on the slider. After opening the landing door, the belt ejects the box to the unloading conveyor. Complete automatic operation will be carried out without human assistance or recall.

Capacity of 100 or 200 kg, Car and doors in stainless steel, Speed 0,8 m - 1, o - 3 m/sec, Travel up to 150 m upon request.
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