Sell Automatic pearl setting machine NMI4040S

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Product Feature
* Features
1) Automated pearl attaching process by adopting automatic feeding system of pearls & claws(=pin) with chute(= slope rail) .
2) Enables users to fix a variety of pearl sizes from 4mm~8mm by an easy changing of chute.
3) Has dual functions of automatic for fast operation as well as manual for accurate operation.
5) Adjustable motor speed for working speed.
6) Adjustable laser brightness.
7) Equipped with heater device which can make pearls soft for easy fixing of pearls.
Users can fix pearls easier by taking advantage of this function even in cold season or in winter.
Product Specification/Models
1) Power Source: 220V or 110V, 1phase, 50/60Hz.
2) Air Pressure: 5~6kgf/cm2
3) Required air compressor capacity: 2HP/set
4) Weight & Dimensions
1. Weight: 50kgs(after packing: 95kgs)
2. Dimensions: 560 x 650 x 1280mm(after packing: 700 x 750 x 1320mm) .
Women's wear, Accessories, etc.
Other Information
2. Available pearl size as per claw size
Pearl diameter Claw(=pin) diameter
4mm 2mm
5mm & 6mm 2.4mm
7mm & 8mm 3mm
- Chute size should be matched to the head diameter of claw(=pin)

3. Prong length of each claw
Head diameter of claw Prong length
2mm 2mm
2.4mm 2.1mm(normal) /2.5mm(longer)
3.0mm 2.7mm