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Mobile robot for wrapping in less than one minute palletized loads of any shape, weight and dimension with stretch film.

Control System:Programmable
Min pallet size:600 x 600mm
Max pallet height:2100mm
Film reel inside diameter:75mm
Film reel outside diameter:250mm
Film-rack lift motor:0.18kw
Power supply:220V 50HZ 1Phase /380V 50HZ 3Phase
Machine weight :325kg

Parameters easily adjustable from the panel
*all function parameters on display
*Bottom pallet wrapping rounds from 0 -10
*Top pallet wrapping rounds from 0-10
*Photocell sensing externally adjustable
*Spool carriage up/downward speed adjustable from 1,3 a 5, 4 M/MIN
*4 separate wrapping cycles
*Double cycle (upward/downward)
*Single cycle (only upward or only downward)
*Fixed height of reinforcing wrapping rounds
*Manually adjustable wrap style

* No pallet size limit
* Foldable mast
* One-man-install
* Move easily
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
30 days
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