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B. ZT-III Automatic Shoulder-Injecting Machine, researched and manufactured on our own, is a new type machine of advanced science and technology especially for shoulder injection. Its all operation is controlled by PLC of large-scale through a people-machine interface of touch screen. Together with mechanical, electronic and pneumatic technologies, it has the merits of high productivity, low consumption, easy operation, and automatic warning on failures, stable performance and no waste. By plastic injecting, spitting, squeezing and welding, it can make a plastic shoulder for plastic tubes and aluminum-plastic tubes. And the shoulder is smooth, beautiful and firm. This machine can be combined with our B. GLS-III aluminum-plastic laminated tube machine to become an automatic tube production line, and with the special tube machine for making plastic tube. Compared with the domestic plastic-molding machine used now, it has the advantages of high utilization (100%) , lowest labor intensity, more safety, etc.
This machine mainly includes precise clearance apparatus, automatic tube-feeding device, fixed volume injecting device, plastic spitting device, mould-closing forming device, mould separating device, automatic tube-releasing device, automatic material-feeding device and cushion container. The main two parts of this machine have been awarded the national patents.
The plastic-injecting device, patent number: ZL 2004 2 0027317.6
The mould turning and fastening device, patent number: ZL 2004 2 0027315.7
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ZL 2004 2 0027317.6