Sell Automatic toner Filling Machine CVL-06D

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Applicable for all toner carttridges and bottles
1. Automatic toner uploading and filling control system;
2. Two filling methods: weighting mode with high sensitivity weight
sensor or time control mode;
3. Optinal dust proof and automatic toner recycle system;
4. Automatic peel off and weight system;

1. Input Voltage: AC220V/AC380V; 50Hz~60Hz
2. Input Power
Max: 1600W (when automatic uploading system and filing system working simultaneously) .
Normal: 600W (Only filing system working)
3. Filling Volume: 50~2000g
4. FillingRate: 250~300g/10secs with 19mm screw mouth;
5. Filling Accuracy: 10.3g~0.8g;
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