Sell Automatic vacuum foaming machine

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Automatic vacuum foaming machine
Molding Speed: 12-16 times/min
Total Power: 28 Kw
Power Consumption: 8 Kw/h
Power Supply380V50HZ 220V60HZ
Dimensions: 4.56W1.46W1.96 m
Weight: 1.6T

Purpose: It is applicable to PSP, PS, PVC and modified polypropylene etc. In the vacuum condition, these rolled-type materials can be processed into various open thin-wall containers, such as western-style food dish, fast food box, noodle bowl, sugar/cake box, ice cream cup, cake holder, decoration sheet and art relief etc. It can be used as packing materials for various products such as food, special local product, travel article, textile, medical care articles, toy, electrical unit and hardware etc.