Sell Automatic vertical type desiccant packaging machine

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Technique Specifications:
Material type: Desiccant packing machine
Speed: 30-50 bag/min
Bag size: L 20-120 mm; W 50-85mm.
Range of measurement: 1-50g
Seal type: three/four seal.
Source Voltage: 220V/1.5KW 50-60HZ
Packing Material: Compound film CPP/PE
Air consumption: 20 L/Min 0.75Ma
Weight: 250KG
1. Use pneumatic control. drawer style filling.
2. Plain display on touch panel.
3. Empty bag prevention function to avoid waste.
4. Adjustable cut-off length, automatic quick and fine adjustment.
5. Automatic PID-controlled temperature.
6. According to demand to select PLC, LCD, LED control.