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This is a fully-automated wire hanger making machine that can conduct fast production of different sizes and shapes of wire hangers.

The space needed for the installation of the machine (including main frame and wire feeding stands) is around 7-meter long and 3-meter wide.

Wire Feeding Stand: The stand comes in two kinds, one is FS 1 HP type that has a loading capacity of 300kgs of iron wire and the other is FS 2HP type that has loading capacity of 1,000kgs of iron wire. This wire feeding stand can operate automatically.


Performance: fast production; power saving; available with a 1.5KW main frame and FS1HP-1KW and FS2HP-1.5KW wire feeding stands

Capacity 2400 ~ 3000 pcs/hr
P. V. C. Coated Wire 2.8mm ~ 3.6mm
Galvanized Wire 1.8mm ~ 2.8mm
Motor 2HP
Wire Feeding Stand 2HP
Hanger Size 13"-14" Children / 15"-18" Adults
Net Weight 1550KGS(including Feeding Stand)
Packing Measurement Main Body : 175cm x 135cm x 204cm
Wire Stand : 141cm x 126cm x 113cm

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Weight: 645KG
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