Sell Automatically digital tube linear inspection system

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The digital line scan x-ray camera especially for the operation in digital x-ray inspection. The x-ray camera is the result of an intensive research in the field of digital x-ray technology. The SEZ-W2-160 suits the tube inspection application.
The high dynamic range (12 bit A/D conversion) supplies x-ray images with up to 4096 grey levels. The x-ray images can be evaluated, processed, archived, transmitted or used for documentations. It is possible to integrate the camera system into our software by the use of the supplied software library (DLL) . Thereby, custom specific solutions up to the fully automatic acquisition and evaluation of the x-ray images become a possibility. The most important point is we offer both high-quality products and services with very competitive price.

Designed detector focused on image quality
Detector systems accurate adjustment
High resolution X-ray linear camera
Advanced technology increases evaluating accuracy
The full digital control of tube spinning
Human-based operation desk
Convenient button control
X-Ray protection
Professional imaging software