Sell Automatically stable microwave oven for laboratory

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Equipment parameters:
1. Equipment power:220V/50Hz
2. Microwave power:0~1500W, Continuous stepless adjustable, Dynamic display
3. Temperature testing:0~100 deresses
4. Humidity testing:5%~100%RH
5. Weight test scope/range: 0~1000g
Weight test precision/Weight of test accuracy: Dynamic rotating tray/Tray revolving tendency
Dynamic static tray: -1g
6. External dimension of equipment: 650*880*470mm(Width*Height*Depth)
7. Dimension of microwave heating cavity:370*330*350mm(Width*Height*Depth)
8. Dimension of tray: Diameter is 240mm(Big) , Diameter is 120(small) . It is used for weighing of different materials.
9. Equipment material: Microwave cavity is stainless steel and the appearance is plate spray.
10. Microwave leakage protection: It has anti-flow door, sets position sensor switch and door protection. The leakage is <0.1Mw/cm2

No-tax price:21000RMB/Table Tax-inclusive price of the agent:22260RMB/Table
Tax-inclusive price of the school:24150RMB/Table
Proposed price for the agent to the school:29500RMB/Table
agent profit: 2226RMB/Table(8501)