Sell Automobile Diamond Gauge Kits

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1. Case dimensions:
--Galvanized white case of standard
3-3/8"(85mm) for speedometer and tachometer
--2"(52mm) for other electric gauges
2. Standard glass bezel with chrome ring
3. Easy-to-read graphics
4. LED backlit illumination
5. Red pointer with black hub
6. Single U-shaped bracket mounting
7. White face with standard scales

1. Input signals for speedometer and tachometer are programmable with programming switches to calibrate them for different types of vehicle.
2. Accuracy: 13%
3. Operating voltage:
--12V (DC9V~16V)
--24V (21V~27V)
--12V/24V optional switch with 85mm gauge

1. Operating temperature: -250 to +650
2. Storage temperature: -250 to +650

With illumination off, scares and numbers shows black. With illumination on. scares and numbers glowing blue.

One year from delivery.
Supply Capacity
10,000 sets per month
Available Colors
White Face Chrome Ring
Condition of Goods
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
30 days
Minimum Order Quantity
100 sets
Power Requirements
12V or 24V
Terms of Payment
Warranty Coverage
One year