Sell Automotive Armor Coating

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1. This product can seal up the screw in the chassis, for avoiding to become loose, then keep save when traveling.
2. This product can stick on the body of the car very well, then can rust-proof for a long time.
3. Can reduce the stone chips to hit the chassis, and reduce the noise greatly, when the car traveling. Then can improve the evironment inside the car, this product also can anti the static electricity to keep safe driving.

1. New car should be clean, and the old car should be derust before working. Dry after clean, and cover the places where no need to spray, including tailpipe, engine, water tank, spring and frame number.
2. Shake fully about 1to 2 minutes, turn on the tank cap, remove the seal, insert the spray gun, connect the 0.6 to 0.8Mpa compressed air, test the effect on the not obvious place, then keep 15-25mm far from the surface, then spray averagely.
3. In order to prevent the flow marking and loosen, suggested to spray three times. Spray again 15 minutes after last spraying, until the thickness above 1.5mm.
4. The perfect temperature is 70-90℉ (21-320. If make mistake when painting, pls clean it with the cloth with clear water or volatilization liquid.
5. this product will take 4-6hours to solidify due to the temperature.
6. can not paint after coating with this product.