Sell Automotive Ozone Air Purifier (TY600F)

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This product is CE/EMC certified
Compliance from SGS (Taiwan).
Patent No.: ZL 98 2 18727.0

Provides you a comfortable breathing environment inside your car.
Eradicates bacteria, molds and mildews from inside the vehicle. Deodorizes stale and foul odors rapidly.
Suitable for all kinds of vehicle:
Deodorize, Disinfect, Exterminate Molds and Mildews, Purify Air

1. Eradicates bacteria without any remnants.
2. Very quiet when operating.
3. Eliminates bad odors effectively, such as smoke.
4. Modern & graceful appearance.
5. Maintain the equipment inside the car without any changes.

1. Model No.: TY-600F
2. Voltage: DC12V~13.8V
3. Rated Power Dissipation: 1.86W
4. Ozone Output: 2.50 PPM
5. Airflow: Rely on the car A/C output
6. Size: 29 x 60 mm
7. Weight: 26g
8. Operating Temperature 0 - 40 degrees celcius
Brand Name
CE and EMC
Model Number
Power Requirements
12 - 13.8 Volts DC
Patents or Trademarks
Patent No.&3A ZL 98 2 18727.0
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