Sell Automotive paint spray booth-SPL-C-I

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1) Full downdraft with air make-up unit and heater
2) 90% re-circulation heated air
3) Available in various sizes
4) Double-insulated wall panel with powder coated exterior and interior finishes
5) Side lights and hip lights containing 4 fluorescent color-corrected day light tubes
6) The electrical parts are available locally

Technical date:
1) Wall panels: exterior and interior powder coated
Double wall insulated with rock wool (steel plate)
Working principle: air exchange through down draft
2) OD dimensions (L x W x H) : 7,440 x 5,330 x 3450mm, no height of intake and exhausting duct
3) ID dimensions (L x W x H) : 7,310 x 4,000 x 2,650mm
4) Front door (W x H) : 3,030 x 2,600mm
5) Side door (W x H) : 900 x 2,000mm (two side door)
6) CFM: 30,000
7) Air exchange times: 6 times/min during spraying cycle
8) Air velocity for empty loading (m/s) : 0.28
9) Noise: <=80dB
10) Heating system power: 16.8kW
11) Burner BTU (kcal/h) : 260,000
12) Fuel: diesel oil
13) Total power: 19.5kW
14) Main power: 3 phases + ground + neutral, 380V, 50Hz