Sell Avermectin(Abamectin)

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Molecular Weight: B1a C48H72O14(R=C2H5)
B1b C47H70O14(R=CH3)

Description: White or light yellow crystalline powder. Freely soluble in ethyl acetate, acetone and trichloromethane. Slightly soluble in methanol and ethanol. Practically insoluble in

Specification: It contains not less than 90.0% of Avermectin B1a and the sum of Avermectin B1a and B1b is not less than 95.0%.

Preparation: Powder 1.0%; 2.0%

Indications for Use: The anti-parasitic drug exerts biological activities against nematode, hookworm, worm insect and acarid hosted in animal gastrointestinal tract.

Storage: Kept in an air-tight container and stored in a cool dry place.