Aviate Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Dear Buyer,

Aviate Enterprise has earned the reputation for being a leader in innovation in the CCTV security industry by introducing products that have brought about change in the security recorder market. We have been a designer and manufacturer of products for other CCTV manufacturers for many years, and have a track record as an answers company.

We invite you to browse our catalog and visit our web site. When you contact us, Ms. Sunny Sung will discuss your particular surveillance requirements and give you the answers that you need to make a buying decision. Aviate Enterprise is a technology company, this is our distinct advantage.

We have designed our CCTV camera, recorders, and monitors with a particular goal in mind: ease of use and installation. We welcome the do-it-yourself individuals.

We feel that a CCTV system should be as easy to install and operate as any other electronic consumer product you may purchase. You will find our products include everything you need to "plug and play". Our cameras and other products have connectors that are common in the consumer electronics industry, and come supplied with the cables, power adapters, and mounting hardware you will need to complete the installation. We look forward to hearing from you!

sunny sung
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