Sell Aviation Kerosene Jet Fuel Colonial Grade 54

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We, do, hereby, offer with full corporate authority and responsibility the following commodity under terms and conditions as specified hereunder, subject to final contract;
COMMODITY Aviation Kerosene Jet Fuel Colonial Grade 54
 specification attached

ORIGIN Russia or Similar

QUANTITY 70,000,000 Barrels Per Month for 60 months with rolls and extensions


DELIVERY PRICE The gross price of US$69 per Barrel. The price is confirmed for a maximum period of 12 months. The pricing mechanism is reviewed at the end of 12 months.
COMMISSION US$2.00 per Barrel. The fee of US$ 1 per Barrel to be apportioned to the Sellers intermediaries and US$ 1 per Barrel to be apportioned the Buyers intermediaries.
PAYMENT By Revolving, Confirmed, Irrevocable, Non-transferable Documentary Letter of Credit issued by Prime Bank in favour of the Seller in the value of each scheduled monthly delivery quantity.
INSPECTION SGS or similar to certify quantity and quality of shipments.

PERFORMANCE BOND 2% of monthly schedule shipment value.

1. Contracts signed by both parties

2. Within three (3) banking days, Buyers Bank shall send a pre-advice of the Documentary Letter of Credit (DLC) via SWIFT or KTT to the Sellers Bank with the intention of issuing a DLC.

3. Seller verifies and authenticates buyers Banks message.

4. Within 7 banking days of successful verification, the sellers bank will send the Proof Of Product (POP) to the Buyers Bank.

5. Buyer verifies Proof of Product (POP) .

6. Within three (3) banking days of successful verification of POP, Buyer will issue an Irrevocable, Revolving, Confirmed, Documentary Letter of Credit (DLC)

7. Upon receipt and successful verification of the DLC, the Sellers Bank shall issue an operative Performance Bond equivalent to 2% the buyers one months cargo shipment value.

8. First lifting shall proceed within 45 days and continue according to schedule agreed in the contract.
Please signify your acceptance of this offer by issuing a full Irrevocable Corporate Purchase Order (ICPO) with the following details included in the letter for the attention of the undersigned:-
- Ports of Discharge
- Full Banking details

Specifications for Russian Origin Aviation Kerosene Jet Fuel Colonial Grade 54:

Antioxidant in hydro processed fuel mg/l min 17 max 24

Antioxidant non hydro processed fuel mg/l max 24

Static dissipater first doping ASA-3 mg/l max 1

adis 450 mg/l max 3

Specific energy net mj/kg min 18.4 D4808

Smoke point mm min 19 D1322

Luminomitter number min 45 D1740

Naphtalenes % vol max 3 D18403


Total Acidity mg KOH/g max 0.01 354 D3242
Aromatics % vol max 22.0 158 D1318
Sulphur, Total % mass max 0.30 107 D1266/2622
Sulphur, Mercaptan % mass max 0.003 342 D3227
Doctor, test % mass max 0.003 30 D4952

Initial Boiling Point Centigrade max Report 123 D96
10% vol at C 240
20% vol at C Report
50% vol at C Report
80% vol at C Report
End point Centigrade max 300
Recovered ridicules 1.5
Loss 1.5
Flesh Point Centigrade max 42 170/303
Density at 15 C Kg/m2 min/max 776/840 180/385 D1298

Freezing Point Centigrade max -40 15 D2256

Corrosion, copper (2hrs at 100C) max 1 154 D130
sion, silver (4hrs at 50C) max 1 227

Thermal stability control, Temp. 280C 323
Filter pressure, differential mm. Hg max 25
Tube deposit rating (visual) max <3

Existent Gum mg/100ml max 7 131 D361
Water reacoin, interface rating max 16 258 D1084
Fuel with static dissipater additives min 75 D3648
Fuel without static dissipater additive min

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