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The avocado oil has a very low lipidic contents in saturated fatty acids and very rich in mono-unsaturated. Is compound in approximately a 96% for Oleic Acid and the 4% remaining it is represented almost in its totality by the Linoleic Acid.

This oil is powerful an antitrust one due to the vitamin presence and, that helps to reduce the coronary irrigations remarkably, in addition has betasistosterol, that helps to prevent the absorption of the harmful cholesterol (LDL) .

It is a natural product 100%, is not extracted with reliable chemistries nor, are not used mixtures and the quality this given by the maturation of the fruit in natural and correct form, according to the international standards. The low level of acidity and peroxides determine the qualification of virgin extra of this oil.

In addition to these remarkable benefits for the health of the human being, this oil has great attributes for the culinary art, since he is very advisable in fryers due to his high point of burned or smoke (271:C) , which allows to use it in form repeated without causing damage to the health, in comparison to the other types of oils available in the market.
Brand Name
Supply Capacity
500 liters/day
Model Number
Extra Virgen