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Ayahuasca products DIRECT from Quito Ecuador. Most of the Ayahuasca products available outside South America originate in either Peru or Brazil. However Ecuadorian Ayahuasca is famed for her STRONG quality.

Red Ayahuasca or Red caapi is mainly used for healing ceremonies. Both the Shaman and the patient will drink the Ayahuasca brew, the Shaman is able to "look into" the body of the patient and diagnose illness. The Red caapi is a great choice for those who are less experienced with caapi and want a fulfilling and cleansing experience. The Ayahuasca vines we offer are from the Province of Sucumbios. The provincial capital is Lago Agrio (latitude 0.100N and longitude 76.870W) - the vines are harvested to the east and south-east of Lago Agrio. In this area, the Shamans of the Sionas, Cofanes and Secoyas use Ayahuasca and call it Ayahuasca or Jagi.
Within about 10 to 20 minutes of boiling the caapi in water, the water starts to change color - the Red caapi is a pale pink / orange color.
After this amount of time, the water color for all caapi is very similar. The Shamans we have spoken too seem to be able to differentiate by sight the color of the caapi without boiling it first
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