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Product Name:Azamethiphos
Chemical Name:O, o-dimethyl-s-(6-chloro-oxazolo(4,5-b) -pyridin-
2(3H) -one-3-yl-methyl) -thiophosphate
Molecular Formula and Weight: C9H10ClN2O5PS=324.5
CAS No. : [35575-96-3]
Appearance: White or grey white power
Assay: 95%min
MekingPoint: 88-93C
Water: 0. l%max
Packing: 25kg/paper-barrels
Areas of Use: Used for killing the fly, eoekroaeh, mosquito etc.
Storage: Store in a cool, dry place. Do not contarminate water,
food or feed by storage or disposal.
Areas of Use:Azamethiphos is a broad-spectrum insecticide. It contrils coodroaches, various beeties, bugs, spiders and other arthropodes, It is used to kill flies in meadow. Ithas no toxicity against mammals, it is particularly efficacious against nuisance flies. Formulations and applications which encourage oral uptake of the product by the flies, increase its efficiency adainst resistant strains.
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