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Our company produce pilgrimage clock to gather the calendar, clock, alarm clock, compass, temperature, the city code search, small night light in the electronics product of the integral whole, the style is elegant, is the thing that the head of the business, meeting, the celebration ceremony gift choose.

Function characteristic:
1. Muslim pilgrimage clock
2. Perpetual calendar functions, solid hour temperature test
3.1200 cities pilgrimage time; Everyday five times toward do pilgrimage time
4. According to toward do pilgrimage the center auto operation of the holy land pilgrimage direction
5. Pilgrimage an alarm clock and everyday alarm clock
6. Pilgrimage time to broadcast to pilgrimage music first pilgrimage time music and behind three time music dissimilarities by that time
7. LCD carry light function on LCD's back
8. Compass
9. The work electric voltage 3 Vs
85W 30 W55
Minimum Order Quantity
3,000 units
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