Sell Azodicarbonamide(ADA)

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ABANA BRAND ADA is characterized by dual oxidations in the maturation of wheat flour. It not only bleaches flour by oxidizing carotene in fresh flour, but also improves flour strength by oxidizing cysteine. The increased strength improves the gas retention of dough and elasticity of bakery products.

ADA enjoys the advantage of rapid reaction, which leads to shorter storage priod of flour and faster fermentation of dough.

Potassium bromate has some kind of carcinogen, and many counties have forbidden its use, while ADA has been proved as a potent and safe flour improver.

Appearance: yellow crystalline powder
Content: >=98%
Heavy Metals(as Pb) : <=0.003%
As: <=3mg/kg
Pb: <=10mg/kg
Loss on Drying(500,2h) : <=0.5%
Nitrogen Content: 47.2~48.7%
PH Value(2%solution) : >=5.0
Residue on Ignition: <=1.15%
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Supply Capacity
10T per month
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