Sell Azone

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INCI Name: Azone
CAS NO. : 59227-89-3
Apperance: colorless or yellowish transparent buttery liquid
Character: The product is a new-style, efficient, safe and nontoxic penetrating agent which can accelerate some substance to penetrate through skin. It can also acceletrate hydrophilic medecine and lipophilic medecine to penetration though skin. When made into emulsion or colloid state, it performs prominent accelerating penetrating effect, and especialy for sundry palnts extract and alkaloid.
Security: Some experiments on subtox, stimulation to normal skin, injured skin, hypersensitivity and aberration have proved Laurocapram ha no reactions of toxic, side-effect and stimulation
Usage: Effectively accelerating sundry medicine to penetrate through skin such as 5-fluorouracil, skin incretion, antibiotics, bendazol, acetaminophen, vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin D, effective ingredient of herbal and so on. Lauocapram is added to sundry advanced cosmetic, which can inprove its index of nutrition and curative effect, such as skin-care cream, skin-tendering cream, weight-losing cream, breast-plimming cream, sunscreen cleam, pilatory, hair dye and so on.
Stability: Stable chemical capability and good effect last four years if shielded from light and stored in room temperature.
Dosage: 1 to 2% obvious effect.
Package and storage: 5kg/ bucket, brown bottle, tilelike cardboard, 2 buckets/box, shielded from light and kept closed.