Sell B52H STRATOFORTRESS Display Model Airplane - Always First Series Manufacturer

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Wingspan: 9.375"
Model Length: 8.375"
Height: 3.5"
Base: 8.5" x 11"

Master Class Modeler pays tribute to the longest-serving American bomber and their crews. Presenting the ALWAYS FIRST SERIES B52 Stratofortress handcrafted wood model airplane display! This compact display is a convenient space saver which you can proudly set up on your table, or hang on your wall. The model measures about 9.375 inches wide from wingtip to wingtip and is 8.375 inches long. It is completely handcarved from mahogany wood and fully handpainted as B52H 0050 "Dragon's Inferno". Serving as the bomber model's backdrop is an American flag hand-cut and hand-assembled from graphic transfer material. The number of 'firsts' of the famous long-range bomber is written on the furniture-finish base. A clear-coated brass plate completes the display. A very meaningful and relevant presentation of America's place in aviation history!

This particular display is from the First Production Run and is marked accordingly.

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