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Bamboo fiber are made from bamboo that grows widely throughout China. Starchy pulp is a refined product of bamboo through a process of hydrolysis-alkalization and multi-phase bleaching. Chemical fiber factories then process it into bamboo fiber. Repeated technological analysis has proved that this kind of fiber has a thinness degree and whiteness degree close to normal finely bleached viscose and has a strong durability, stability and tenacity. the yarn and cloth made by this kind of fiber are labeled first-class quality in all aspects of quality standards. The characteristic antibacterial of Bamboo makes the bamboo fabric made of bamboo fiber yarn is antibacterial. We have developed the following bamboo fiber products:
1. Bamboo fiber yarn
We mainly produce bamboo fiber yarn, bamboo/cotton mixed yarn etc. from Ne12, Ne16 to 60s. we have exported many of them to Turkey, EU, Japan, Korea, etc
2. Bamboo knitting and weaving fabrics
Bamboo fiber fabric is made of bamboo fiber yarns. It is characterized by its excellent permeability, soft feel, easiness to straighten and dye and splendid color effect of pigmentation. It is also a new environment-friendly raw material that enjoys a splendid prospect for application as its predecessor wood pulp fiber (TENCEL) . Thus it can easily applied in the manufacturing of underclothes, close-fitting T-shirt, stockings and etc in particular. Meanwhile cloth made by the mixed texture of bamboo fiber and cotton or other raw materials also boasts the same superior property.