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Product Summary
Continuous basalt fiber fabrics are woven from continuous basalt yarns (usually the diameter is under 9 micro) which can be custom-made according to clients_ needs. This fabric can be applied at -260_-650_. With different coatings, their outstanding properties can be largely improved, such as flexibility, wearability, wave transparency, water resistance, radiation resistance, thermo-shock resistance, chemical resistance, and excellent high temperature & low temperature resistance, high elastic modulus, and low thermal conductivity. By coating with various resin, the temperature resistance can be achieved 980_ Basalt fiber cloths are upgraded in air tightness, water repellency, heat resistance, chemical resistance, radiation resistance and wave transparency, etc.
- Base cloth for CCL;
- Base cloth for needled felt;
- Base cloth for fireproof fabrics;
- Base cloth for radiation-proof materials;
- Base cloth for chemical resistant materials;
- Base cloth for infrastructure repair and strengthening;
- They are particularly suitable for uses as awnings for anti - toxicity, anticorrosion, radiation - proof fire-proof purposes and for equipment and facilities to be highly shielded.
Diameter(5m) : 9
Area weight(g/m2) :200120
Thickness(mm) :0.18
Width(mm) :1000
Strength force N/(25mmW200mm) :Warp >=1870 , weft >=1600