Sell BAY51-Q Full Plastic Explosion Proof Fluorescent Lighting Fittings

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1, Shell is modeled formed of SMC material. Lamp shade is injected form of polycarbonate with high hardness, impact resistance and strong corrosion resistance properties.

2, Lamp shade is formed of imported high quality material with good transparency and ultraviolet aging resistance functions.

3, Lamp adopts labyrinth sealing type structure with good water-proof, dust-proof functions.

4, Built-in exclusive explosion proof electronic ballast with functions of short circuit and open circuit protection. Defending circuit is designed for tube aging effect and leakage phenomenon to assure lamp normal work. With effective energy-saving effect cosF0.95. Large input range, lamp works well with stable power output in the range of 170V-250V voltage input.

5, Built-in insulation switch, when product opened, the switch cut off power automatically. Fuser can be installed by request.

6, Adopts dual direction pressure tightened type with self-lock function. Built-in spring press lamp tightly as spring lose of sealing washer.

7, For lamp with emergency device, two types can be selected: One type is emergency device built inside lamp body (normal emergency type) , the other type is emergency built in special shell outside lamp, connected to lamp end. Built outside emergency device with functions of charge, recharge and matter indicating etc. Test buttons are convenient for overhauling.

II, BAY51 series Explosion-proof light fittings for fluorescent lamp (18W*2, 36W*2)


1, Die-cast shell of ZL102 aluminium alloy with high-pressure electrostatic powder-coated surface.
2, Toughened glass lamp tube, stainless steel outer fixed parts, with stainless steel barriers to upgrade lighting effect and reduce glare.
3, Inside are connection chamber and special connection terminals.
4, When mounting, user can pass the cable directly without junction box.
5, When changing tube, only to screw open lamp end then change tube.
6, Suitable for both steel pipe wiring and cable wiring.
7, With many mounting types, also can make according to customers requirement, can degugging mounting.
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