Sell BBPCM30 Multiplexer

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BBPCM30Multi-operation access PCM30 optical-electrical equipment--BBPCM realizes the integrated access of various operations into one E1 interface. The voice signal, the asynchronous data signal, Ethernet signal, NX64Kbit/s data signal and V.35 data signal can be transmitted by 1 E1.

The equipment is suitable for the electric power system county transfer and 35KV electric power substation. Meanwhile, rental E1 channel is applicable in transmitting telephone signals, telemechanical signals, computer data, detection signals from unattended stations, LAN and internet information from the electric power substations to the country transfer stations to realize the broadband transmission within one channel with BBPCM. The equipment is featured by the flexible configuration of the bandwidth that the Ethernet and V.35 occupy. When the number of telephone channels is limited, the bandwidth of the Ethernet and V.35 signal may be great while it is narrow as the number of the telephone channels is huge.

BBPCM is equipped with optical interface, which can be connected with fiber to complete the transmission of 30 channels of V.35 data, various of voice telephone and Ethernet on the optical cable.

The configuration and various of service interfaces are similar with the OMPCM30 and 1U4E1PCM30. Overturned of the front panel make all the unit cards be able to hot swapped. The operation information of the equipment and the alarm indication of the equipment are displayed by the LED indicators on the front panel. Network management is easy to operate and can connect with PCM made by other manufactures

Power supply is only DC_-48V, the power converter module should be ensured if need AC 220V.