Sell BC-1700AP Automatic Die-cutting and creassing machine

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This machine BC-1700AP is automatic die-cutting and creassing waste machine be used to corrugated paper is main machine.
Machine Content
1. Feed units
2. Main machine units
This units main components worm wheel, endless screw and bent axle and plate all adopt good stuff, exact process, accuracy high, life develop. Adopt air clutch and twisting force limiter, gurrantee security of machine. Tooth line adopt particular kind of aluminum alloy,
weightlight, accuracy high, send papersmooth and steady. Main roller chain adopt japanise, bearing is NSK.
(1) Diecutting Section
(2) Driving Chain & Spikes
(3) Toggle Part:
(4) Chase & Cutting Plate:
3. Put in order waste units:
(1) Stripping Section
4. Electrical equipment control units:
(1) Electric Section
(2) Safety Device
5. Machinery parts: edition association 2 suits, tooth line 1suit, random tools 1 suit, Spike 100, special tools 1 suit.
6. Quality assueance:seller responsible quality of machine decrease.