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BCM Back-wash Filter

Characteristic of products: flow rate can reach 681 m3/hr for single system, auto-back-wash (without people operation) .
Model of products: WAF-BCM
Structure & working principle:
When it need wash(controlled by time or differential pressure) , especially for the housings, please turn off the inlet, and then turn on the contamination-draining passage, differential pressure lead partial fluid after filtration change its way and flow down, to make dregs wash/rinse to contamination-draining vent . If the filtrate is quite dear/expensive or harmful, we suggest you use the exterior kick-back washing configuration. Filter is self-service operation, and it can work at a long time. The precision of filtration is from 15m to 1,7005m. Filter is widely used in many kinds of fields, it owes to its design of modularization(standard) , and it can not only satisfy the throughput of production , but also can be configured flexibly/neatly. BCM(Back-cleaning Motor) can put 2 to 20 housings on to the same bracket , therefore, it makes its low cost changing into expansion of productivity come true. Using easy-clean cartridge greatly saves the labour costs, clean costs and production loss in using bag and container-filter, furtherly reduce the operation costs of productive periods, extend your firms throughput.
1) flow rate for single system up to 681 m3/hr
2) Slippery pipe and nozzle connecting, avoiding dead angle, lower pressure drop
3) The material and precision of cartridge can be widely chosen , to meet different application demand
4) Straight through valve allow speedly &frequently kick-back washing operation, and make its capacity maximum
5) During the backwash, each housing backwash in turn , to make sure mesh completely clean, and the other housings not been affected and keep on filtrating
6) Automatic backwash (no people operation) ; consume little liquid, 2%less than the total flow rate.
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ISO 9001&3A2000
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