Sell BFB24L-B vertical auotomatic hose braiding machine (24 spindles)

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Remake: Our machine have passed CE certificate
CE certificate No: MD070126-01CN
BFB24L-B Vertical Automatic Hose Braiding Machine has been designed to use for multipurpose like shielding on bellows tube for car-flex, shielding on shipboard cables, reinforcement in rubber hoses of high pressure as a machine to braid with high carbon steel wire and stainless steel wire.
Braid material: Stainless steel wire, Aluminum wire, Cotton thread, yarn thread, Terylene thread etc.
The machine has the following features:
1. High automatic extent: broken, empty bobbin or no tube, automatic machine self-closed.
2. Adopt adjustable speed to accommodate pitch, dont need to change gear.
3. High productive efficiency: Capacities two times than present common machine per hour.
4. Low noise, transmission and pulling system adopt absorbing sound, reducing shake and inserting equipment.
5. Easy maintenance: transmission flexible, structure easy install and remove.
6. Spindles adopt elastic and adjustable equipment, dependable position, easy, convenient and flexible install bobbin.
7. Small abrasion and long using life, the key part use excellent material and adopt heat-treat and lubricant equipment.
8. Each machine while export to oversea market with a cabinet for safe.
9. Spindle RPM and Traction RPM can adjust infinitude between certain range
Motor: 1.1KW
Voltage: 3-380V/50Hz
Spindle RPM: 52RPM (max)
Traction RPM: 4.26-18.5RPM
Process hose diameter: 20 (max)
Process efficiency (m/min) : 1.4 (max)
Horn gear: 115
Spindle Quantity: 24 pcs
Bobbin size: outer 54 * inner 21.5* H178 (capacity: 342.8CM3)
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
45 days after confir