Sell BFM-700/700E Fetal Monitor

BFM-700/700E Fetal Monitor You May Also Be Interested In: fetal monitor ultrasonic transducer
BFM-700E with two groups LED can display FHR (single) and UC data;

BFM-700 with 5.7〞 LCD can display FHR (single) , UC data and waveform;

FHR collection signal indication, alarm indication of abnormal FHR, fetal movement indication;

Coding keyboard can adjust all parameters;

Store and hold monitoring data for up to 24 hours (for option) ;

832 thermal linear array printer can record synchronous FHR, UC, FM mark, necessary character explanation and monitoring time;

Printer speed can be setup to 1, 2, 3 cm/minute;

Adjust the upper and lower limit, real time, date and other parameters at any time; the set-up data can be saved automatically after power-off;

RS-232 port can connect the unit with a computer and store data.

Technology target

Ultrasonic transducer:

Working mode: Pulse Doppler

Frequency: 1.0 MHz

Power: <=10 mW/cm2

FHR detect range: 50-240 BPM

Overall sensitivity: >=90 dB


Display range: 0 ~ 99 UNIT

Working power

AC power (input) : 110-220 V 50 VA ; DC power (output) :24 V 50 VA 15%

Power consume

< 50 VA