Sell BGMH92N Series Mechanical Seals

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 Single Seal & Balanced
 Spring Product Protected
 Independent of Direction of Rotation
 EN 12756 (DIN 24960)

Mechanical seals of the BGMH92N series are designed for media containing solids or with high viscosity e. g. sugar, paper, sewage and waste water industry. The spring is not in direct contact with the product. The robust and reliable design avoids sticking and clogging.

Materials for Mechanical Seals:
 Face Materials: Carbon Graphite / Silicon Carbide/ Tungsten Carbide
 Secondary Seal Components: NBR/VITON/EPDM
 Spring and Construction Materials: Stainless Steel

Operating Limits:
 Pressure: <=2.5 MPa
 Temperature : -500~2200
 Linear Velocity: <=20M/S