Sell BIDET - Introducing Grana's unique PHD Tm.

BIDET - Introducing Grana's unique PHD Tm. You May Also Be Interested In: bidet bidets toilet bowl
The Personal Hygiene Device. (PHD.) also known as the portable bidet is another of Granas innovations. Over the years, it is fast becoming a fixture in almost every home. Ideally suited to feminine hygiene, the PHD is gaining wide acceptance and acclaim from even males users and parents of young children who find it an easy and enjoyable way to assure cleanliness
Nordic culture is inexplicably tied to their bathrooms. In many if not all Scandinavian countries the love of Sauna is paramount, second only to their love of home comforts. Saunas are typically equipped with all the functional necessities of a standard bathroom, but nowhere in the world is the bidet as common as it is in Scandinavia.

The concept of an unsightly, unhygienic and space consuming ceramic bowl situated beside the toilet-bowl does not exist in Granas concept. Instead, within these compact and functional enclosures of privacy one will find bidets of the next generation. With Granas PHD. you can now enjoy intimate personal hygiene with no wasted space and minimum water expense. The old ceramic bidets once worn have a tendency to leak, wasting umpteen litres of precious water per minute. Our PHD is a bidet for the new age available in cloud white and chrome. A light-weight wand, PHD moves easily around your bathroom on a flexible yet durable hose always within easy reach. Its tapered handle and nozzle are hygienic and always easy to keep clean, proper mounting ensure leak-free operation, but most importantly allows the user to easily choose the water temperature that suits them best.