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Nature Power: Nature Power has been formulated with different types of Beneficial Microorganisms.

Features of Nature Power.
These microbial inoculants are formulated to increase the active biomass in the soil. Nature power with its beneficial soil microbes and natural plant extracts provides the plant system with the necessary components to promote healthy plant growth, increase nutrients availability, facilitate nutrient absorption, promote root growth and formation.

Nature Power is not a substitute for fertilizer. Fertilizer provides N, P and K essential for pant growth. Nature Power facilitates availability of essential ingredients e. g. vitamins, amino acids, plant growth hormones, micro nutrients, plant stress relievers and essential microbes to improve over all plant conditions.
Nature Power (foliar & soil application) can be applied to any plant life depending upon the situation. It can be applied by mixing with water and spraying for foliar application and root application with fym.
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