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This Series biological microscope is a professional applications microscope. It adopts lowness coaxial focus system . can be used in middle schools, medical and sanitation institutions for such applications as biological slice observation , teaching and professional studies, clinical experiments and routine medical inspections.
Viewing head: Mechanical tube length 160mm,450 inclined,3600 rotatable Monocular head.
Eyepiece: Wide field eyepiece-WF10X18mm
Objective: DIN 195mm achromatic objective 4X/0.10,10X/0.25,40XS/0.65,100XS/1.25.
Nosepiece: Triple nosepiece.
Condense: N. A.0.65 condenser, Disc diaphragm with five-aperture, it is easy to adjust illumination for viewing.
Stage: 120mm*130mm plain stage
Illumination: Built-in illumination system as 230V/20W (6V/20W halogen bulb) (CE and GS approved) or 115V/20W (6V/20W halogen bulb) . the brightness can adjust.
Focusing: Coaxial focus system with tension adjustment, with up-limited fining focus precision 0.002mm
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