Sell BLA100-CA Series Bidrectional Trunk Amplifier

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BLA100-CA Series Optical Amplifiers are suitable for single and double direction CATV net trunk amplifying and the last one KM transmitting amplifying of the HFC net.
Operating Frequency: for the Forward Transmitting Path(47) 87-860MHz / (47) 87-750MHz, for the Return Transmitting Path--5~65(or can be set by the customer) .
Double modules design in forward path, and using a separate plug-in module (PHILIPS or MOTOROLA) for amplifying in return path, convenient for upgrading.
Double-hybrid filter is designed as plug-in module; it can offer many kinds of frequency segmentation.
Plug-in and pull-out and continuous debugging compatible equalizer and attenuation simple the circuitry debugging, and bring convenience for upgrading.
Forming the bridging offshoot output or allotting output with the bridging output port brings convenience for installation; knockdown modules design, operators can arrange different modules in pairs according to different functions, suitable for functional net upgrade, reconstruction, it brings convenience and quickens the construction and maintenance.
There are fittings preventing from high voltage lightning strike for every single port to ensure the normal work of the system and the conveniences for maintenance.
Switch power supply and linear power supply for option; double way output for option; there is separate AC60V power supply input port