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BLACK UN3040 contains high opacity carbon black that can provide products with optimum jet blackness and high gloss levels. Its carrier resin is specially designed for use in engineering plastics to ensure its optimum compatibility and excellent physical performance of end products.

Method of Usage:

BLACK UN3040 is designed for ease of dispersion and is therefore suitable for direct addition and mixing with plastic resins in mixer, free from problems of pollution and mal-scattering caused by pigment. Suggested addition rate is 1%.

Range of Application:

BLACK UN3040 is designed for use in POM, PPS, SAN, PS, ABS, PA, PC, PET PVC and PBT.

Physical Properties:

Pigment Content: Carbon Black 50%
Density: 230 1.20g/cm3
MFI: 21.6kg/1900 >100g/10min

Notes: Quoted test results should not be used for specification purposes but are typical test values intended for guidance only without warranty.


BLACK UN3040 is supplied in regular pellet form packed in 25kg bags. It should be stored in a dry place.