Sell BLCO 2 million CIF

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Direct contact with selling agent

Buyer and Seller sign for acceptance of this SPA/Contract including Buyers and Sellers banking details.
4.2 Buyers (Refinerys) Purchase order department or Refinerys Mandate will issue the ICPO (Irrevocable Confirmed Purchase Order) on Refinery Letter head or an Irrevocable Confirmed MT 760 from Buyers Prime Western Bank to Sellers Prime Western Bank. Further more, your Irrevocable Confirmed Purchase order shall specify that you the Buyer is responsible for the clearance of the vessel, the cargo for the discharge in the Harbor and/or any facility designated for such discharge at the Port of Saldana Bay, South Africa or any West European Port.
4.3 Seller provides confirmable POP such as Bill of lading, Tanker Ullage reports Cargo Manifest, and the Charter-Party-Agreement, which shall be on Third Party, and will be in the name of both Seller and Buyer.
4.4 Vessel sets sail to port of discharge, which is Saldana Bay, South Africa or any West European Port.
4.5 SGS or any other inspection Agency, appointed by the Buyer will conduct Q & Q to ascertain Quality and Quantity
4.6 Payment will be effected on out-turn barrels within 48 hours of Discharge by Swift Telegraphic Wire Transfer from Buyers Prime Bank to Sellers Prime Bank upon presentation of the following documents.
1) Signed Commercial invoice
2) Certificate of Ownership
3) Master receipt for sample
4) Bill of Lading
5) Tanker Ullage report
6) Certificate of Origin
7) Cargo manifest
8) Certificate of Authenticity
9) Master receipt of document
10) Certificate of Quality
Minimum Order Quantity
2 million
Terms of Payment
Terms of Sale