Sell BM-7001 Remote Communication Unit

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BM-7001 connects the guard tour readers with remote computers via telephone lines. allowing for data uploading and verification even where there are no computers present. When there are no telephone lines, the unit itself can store the data for uploading later when phone lines are available. The Remote Communication Unit is especially suitable for use on long-distance routes such as railroad lines and pipelines.


1. High-Speed Connection

Modem speed up to 56K (10 records per second) , decreasing time required for for data transfers.

2. Remotely Adjust the Readers' Settings and Timeclock

3. Work Off-Line

Users can transfer data from the readers into the unit first, then when a connection is available, it automatically dials the remote computer to upload data.

4. Total Hands-Free Operations, Automatic Data Upload

Turns off the readers after data uploads. Automatically redials when it encounters problems in the remote computer or the phone line.

5. Status Indicators

Conveniently indicates statuses such as full memory, empty memory, line status, etc. , as well as playing modem hand-shake tones.

6. Works With Multiple Readers

One communicator unit can upload data for multiple reader units. The data stored within the units can be uploaded multiple times, ensuring total data safety.