BMW SCANNER 1.35 You May Also Be Interested In: bmw scanner
Working with BMW Scanner 1.3.5 software from PA-Soft to read/clear error codes and read/write
certain memories of devices in the diagnostic chain.

The new version of the BMW-scanner for E38/E39/E46/E53 differs from the previous version (V1.25)
through following opportunities:
 The high-grade program module for work with ZKE (Body Control Module) Is added
 Functions of adaptation second-hand blocks SRS MRS2-MRS4 (in V1.25 - only MRS4) Are added
 Support of the diagnostic report of blocks DME of series ME7 Is added
 Functions of installation of indications odometer (miles/km) and language of messages BK
(GE/EN/FR/IT) Are added
 The base of support on updating run in IKE and LCM (LCM-4 up to 09.2004) Is added.
Package Contains:
 BMW Scanner Interface
 OBD2 connection cable
 BMW connection cable
 RS232 extension cable