Sell BOPA Film coated with PVDC on single side

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BOPA Film coated with PVDC on single side

Speciality Test conditions Units BSN1
Gauge GB/T6672-86 um 18
GSM g/m2 22
Yield m2/kg 45.5
Tensile stength MD GB/T1040-92 N/mm2 190
TD 150
Dimensional staility MD GB/12026-89 % -1.0
TD -1.0
Haze GB2410-80 % 3.0
Surface tension >=3.8
Water vapor permeability GB1037-88 g/m2/24h <=11
Oxygen permeability GB/2410-80 cm3/m2/24h <=8
BOPA film coated with PVDC on single sides
1. Excellent gas(oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide) barrier, Excellent aroma protection
2. Excellent grease barrier
3. Superior printability
4. Excellent transparency
Suitable for base film of soft packing
1. Optimum for meat vacuum packaging.
2. High oil content foods(e. g. deep-friend peanut) packing
3. Tea packaging with aroma protection.
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Supply Capacity
3000tons per month
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BOPA Film coated with PVDC on si
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